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    Red face Red face My appologies

    My apologies, I am no expert!
    I look at all the problems and try to give a solution to the problem for example:
    How many epic slots do a Legend boss have? I have received 6 epic rewards for my first 'The Baron' join.
    Why don't you make the MMB epic reward slots the same as Legend bosses's. 6-9
    The next MMB event the players are again going to complain about 'blueprints', mark my words!
    My mini has gotten 2 blueprints that I will never ever use.
    Value for money:
    If I buy FP and use it for energy and stamina refill that is value for money IMO
    I have 500 energy and do the slums challenge job if I use 10 FP to refill and do the challenge job again I receive 1 lieutenant or recombinator for 10 FP, aka value for money.
    When I buy Hotwire uncommon lt in blackmarket for 30 FP that is value for money. but if I buy a crate for 30 FP and only roll common lieutenants that is not value for money.

    I started 7 o'clock the morning on Sunday and finished 5 o'clock that afternoon and only received 25 random tech lab items from feed the fishes execution.
    If I spend 10 FP on stamina refill and only get 25+- random tech lab drops for my time and effort that is not value for money IMO
    So Developers please forgive me for complaining about the poor drop rate. My apologies.
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