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Thread: HW flame not working correctly?

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    HW flame not working correctly?

    HW Flame skill is supposed to do dmg to target and splash dmg to other players in the same row. If I attack player 1 or player 3 in a row then the other two players are splashed. However, if I attack player 2 in a row, then only player 1 is splashed. Player 3 is not splashed in this case.

    This seems to be consistent. The pop up showing dmg only shows 1 other player hit when I attack player 2. Confirmed by looking at the battle logs and observing player 3 total health.

    Curious if anyone else is seeing this or if there is some lts or skills that would make this happen? As far as I know there are no player 3 specific skills correct? But if there is a skill or lt that could cause this then I can be more diligent to see if this happens under those conditions when they are present other than in player 3 row position.

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    Re: HW flame not working correctly?

    Assassins have Evasion skill, which at lvl 3 i believe its 80% to evade splash. So just hit the assassin in the row.

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    Re: HW flame not working correctly?

    Thanks, I'll check for that in the next few wars. I've only ever noticed this with players in position 3 in the row when I'm hitting position 2. But it could be that there was an assassin in position 3 in each case. And since we seem to cycle through the same empires this would make just a few setups like this seem more prevalent.

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    Re: HW flame not working correctly?

    hq super power also gives resistance to splash damage

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    Re: HW flame not working correctly?

    I noticed that although the Targets all have a burn sign they dont loose any health. It seems like the DoT is just there at the beginning. After a few minutes there is no DoT anymore. I play sin and sometimes the Targets are just a few health pts above decap. I know that DoT isnt as strong as Napalm but no health loss at all for a timespan of over 15 Minutes? Maybe the burn sign ist still there although der is no burn anymore (i remember that burn "runs out").

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