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Thread: Tier 1 vs tier 2

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    Tier 1 vs tier 2

    Just wondering about the different classes. Right now I'm Ghost class, was a sniper and worked up to unlock Ghost.

    My question is is the Toer 2 classes better/stronger than the Tier 1 classes; or are they just two similar classes?

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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    From what I've seen (no hard data), upgraded ghosts, repears and terms do more damage than their equivalent tier 1 classes.

    However, ghost lacks suppress and can die easily on rush if you lose a lot. Term booby trap is a poor replacement for HW trap (except in cases where booby trap placed on dead defenders can bring a low health building down).

    An upgraded Reaper outclasses an upgraded sin, IMHO.

    Also, IMHO, Titans can absorb more toks than Enforcers, but enforcer has last stand, deflect and stim.
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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    Sniper is stronger at above 3k or/and you have some ridiculous LT , deal more consistent damage than Ghost and of course, get more Overkill to proc with Killing Spree.. Otherwise, Ghost is still a better choice for most people.

    Assassin Cripple sucks against Titan, but they can do a consistent 700+ Scorpion cap, while Reaper can do some big cap and it goes down to 600. Although, I agree reaper outclasses because of Plague, the most powerful debuff of this game.

    Titan increase Building HP, absorb more tokens but will not occasionally deflect the attacker to dead ( In this case, you might 1 shot deflect the attacker with Rush, they lose Rush when dead). Enforcer can stim, that thing is super useful for any empire.

    HW, good for trap, against the healer, Term, good for dishing out more overall building damage and can bury the buildings during close war for quick kills.

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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    Don't forget the most important thing.
    It's how did you built your account. If you're weak sniper change to ghost will not save your toon.
    I like to see tier 2 like...
    a new challenge. When you already got and had all fun from tier one and want something new.
    All classes are important during EvE
    All classes have advantages and weak points if no this class will become OP and nerfed.
    Go tier 2 for fun if you can't find it in tier 1 don't think it's better cause the game is balanced.

    You can find useless players, but no useless classes.
    Weak accounts but no weak classes.
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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    The transition is a "dialectic" - a step backward and then two steps forward. Whatever you were doing with your Tier 1, your new Tier 2 will be weaker. But one you build up your skills to Level 3 in Tier 2, you'll be a beast compared to your old toon. Or at least you are likely to feel like you got something for it.

    Of course I'm generalizing, and an empire is better off with a mix. I haven't upgraded an enforcer. But here's my experience:
    Snipers do get suppression better, but if you get the epic LT Phantom you will have some suppression skill. Ghost tag is a similar feature. Power shot seems stronger than head shot. I like to use Ghost and Sniper to "soften" a building by using ghost tag and suppress together. Then a squishy toon can hold his own, dumping tokens on a safehouse full of stronger players.
    Heavies have this skill "bury" that seems better than blast, and only costs one token. Turn one loose in a crowded HQ and you'll make a big mess of it.
    Assassins can plague, and can briefly decap at a really high level, like over 1000. But I have to say that I like the steady 700+ for assassins, and the frenzy. I really like the frenzy.
    Just a bit analytical.

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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    Both Tiers are important in wars, having said that... Tier 2 would be useful once it reaches equivalant level as your tier 1 class Comparatively.

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    Re: Tier 1 vs tier 2

    Other than sniper/ghost, Tier 2 classes benefits more the stronger you are. Trust me, 10k att hw will do less building damage than term, while 10k def Titan will rule over enforcer, in some cases like sins: while assassin got more versatility than reaper - with bigger att comes bigger total damage output bonus (sin can def, reaper sucks at it but as attacker reaper was way more superior) this was without counting the LTs and in my personal opinions ofc.

    In short, as you became stronger (att/def) tier 2 will gives you more advantages. If you plan on being weak for long period of time - go tier 1.

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