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How did I get my Castle property ?
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Thread: How did I get my Castle property ?

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    How did I get my Castle property ?

    I am playing a sniper/ghost, presently at lvl 400+. Somewhere along the way I picked up a Castle property which is sitting at lvl 5/10. Nothing I can do to it.
    I have no idea on how and when I got it. In the forum I read somewhere about a Castle age and suspect that is somehow related.
    What do I need to know.\?

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    Re: How did I get my Castle property ?

    It is a promo property. You bought a promo and you got those 5.

    (Well, probably you weren't playing on sept 2014, but it was a lvl promo, maybe lvl 300?)

    For the moment you cannot do anything to them. Just enjoy the revenue.
    It was previously stated that they may revisit the promo properties, in order to make them 10/10 reacheable (probably by future promos). But this was a looooong time, maybe they are forgotten already. Or not on the work desk, anyway.
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