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Obtaining street contracts
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Thread: Obtaining street contracts

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    Obtaining street contracts

    I've been playing for a couple of years and I only have a few of each contract. I complete five daily achievements and try to win them from executions but I just don't ever get them.

    I need 75 in total to build a street insignia, it feels like an impossible task. Am I missing something obvious like an easier way to get them? There are people who have been playing for less time who have already built faction insignia.

    Appreciate any help.

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    Re: Obtaining street contracts

    Legend bosses tend to drop insignias, for each faction it depends in the boss.
    In my last run I got one shadow hitting for 125k points.
    It is the easiest way of obtaining them

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    Re: Obtaining street contracts

    A lot of the other tech lab items are also drops. Check the loot tables before building any of them

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    Re: Obtaining street contracts

    Midas Boss and a lot of luck is easiest way

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    Re: Obtaining street contracts

    It's only available from Midas and Dailies - http://underworld-empire.wikia.com/wiki/Street_Contract

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    Re: Obtaining street contracts

    I can confirm all contract takes forever.

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