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Thread: Timer after war

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    Timer after war

    I can't seem to figure out what the war timer shows after war has closed, there are 4 different numbers I think 2 of them are overall wins against the empire you vs but the other 2 are a mystery.

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    Re: Timer after war

    Are you talking about countdown timer for collecting war rewards or any other timer that i never knew of?

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    Re: Timer after war

    It's not a timer but 4 different numbers after the 1 hour collection timer ends, it's looks something like this -5; 13:4 ;3-

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    Re: Timer after war

    Can you please add a picture?

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    Re: Timer after war

    Yeah, i'm curious too - can you add the picture?

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    Re: Timer after war

    Ill try to get one in 4 hours.

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    Re: Timer after war

    hmm wierd ...maybe ur seeing some code or whatever ..i see some wierd numbers that make no sense on stamina energy and health timers

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    Re: Timer after war

    I've seen this too when the timer runs out. Even in EvE itself, not just on the collect timer.

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    Re: Timer after war

    Haven't seen it since I brought it up maybe its fixed?

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    Re: Timer after war

    Actually i have seen it, after you brought this up i pay more attention to the timer - but its like random parameter to me and very brief (tried to ss it but it flashes quickly after i realized it was showing some random numbers)

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    Re: Timer after war

    That's the countdown for the next war...

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    Re: Timer after war

    If you are already on the war screen when you open UE after the collect timer has expired you see see an odd set of numbers where the timer usually is. Never paid it much attention. It doesn't hurt anything and is probably some default value.

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