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Thread: Current EvE Heist (May 2017)

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    Re: Current EvE Heist (May 2017)

    Even with planning ahead each option has an unknown goal for 10/10 to obtain 1 of 2 possible epic crate shards. Players need to know where they stand and what the target is for 10/10 collect to plan effectively. It gets old making 3 to 4 wars a day and barely get to 8/10 for wars joined or for battle points on EvE heists. Our wars last 45 to 80 minutes on average and I'm top 10 to 15 in activity per month making these categories almost impossible for 10/10 collects on those two paths.

    I think the epic crate shards should be rewarded for 8/10 collect. It makes it a more realistic goal with room for error both on the player side and on the EvE match up without requiring a constant grind, 2hr wars, and potential roguing just for 2 epic crate shards. It is 1/15th of a crate ffs not exactly a game changer.

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    Re: Current EvE Heist (May 2017)

    Me and Squiffle have found most of the thresholds for Player Damage, Battle Points, Building Damage, and Battles Joined.

    Don't have much info for Tokens Absorbed or Kill Count at the moment. If anyone would like to add to the threshold ranges, it would be much appreciated.

    >>Wiki EvE Heist<<

    I have checked the thresholds with 4 different accounts at various levels (lvl 17, 265, 1094, 1170) and can say the only consistent category is 'Battles Joined', almost all other categories seem to be based on player level.

    Although, I can't say anything for the 'Kill Count' category as I never execute, but I also haven't seen it fluctuate away from 30 at level 1. Level 1 Tokens Absorbed I have seen 30~37, so I am under the impression that 'Kill Count' may also be a static threshold unless any assassins could prove this otherwise.

    A post above said that BP is constant, but I have seen it fluctuate, just not as much as other categories. Lvl 1 - 3 BP were consistent between a lvl 265 and 1170 until the 4th threshold, so this category may be handled differently.

    Hope this helped,


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