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Thread: Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

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    Question Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

    Why does everything need to be a grind in this game?
    I am busy with between the eyes execution because I want to go to next tier, feed the fishes.
    On average I have to do 30 executions to get +3%
    If that is not enough the drop rate is terrible.
    I only have between the eyes from 10 now 60% but I have received between 5-8 loot so far. I don't think the drop rate is going to increase even if I have 100% execution?
    The same with feed the fishes 100% execution.
    Is it really going to be so over powering if you make ALL executions 30 % chance?
    class coins and chards are capped so I don't see the problem.
    Developers, Quaranj or Missy please explain.
    How do they calculate the %, 7% and 15% chance???
    Maybe if I understand the idea behind it I will feel better.
    I don't want everything(John's gun, basic, tool and gun part) handed to me on a silver platter either.
    Thank you
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    Re: Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

    It seems random just like chance class powers in EvE as to when some of them proc. I mean I have spent most the day trying for 1 cement shoes proc, but I have also gotten it 1st try.

    If you're doing all of it in PvP it will take a really long time.

    Go X crazy during FFA. In the matches where everything active is already subdued, go after bandages, cracked shields, any low hanging fruit.

    My record was 9% to an execution in a single EvE (and I must have X'd about 40 coming in late to the match.)

    I have all the current Xs at 100% and had the previous ones at 100% for months. They're a grind to max, but it is nice to be able to choose whichever perk that you need at that exact moment.

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    Re: Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

    Every execution has two percentages - the chance that it will be successful (that you can increase over time) and the chance that it will proc. The two are completely separate except in that an execution will never proc unless it is successful. The proc chances range from something like 5% to 35% (they're all listed on the wiki -

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    Re: Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

    double tap says 10% chance +1 stamina and i have won +2 stamina many times. does this works for other executions methods?

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    Re: Help us understand execution drop rate and +%

    Quote Originally Posted by Mobile Mob View Post
    Thank you that is a very good explanation.

    Quaranj, I use feed the fishes in eve but I don't know if there is an improvement or not?
    By improvement, do you mean the execution percentage goes up or you got the loot?
    If you were talking about percentage - your best bet was taking note before and after you do execution fiesta. (Do this while dead). Failed execution sometimes raise this number too.

    If you're talking about loot - you'll get pop up message related to the loot you get.

    Things above were related to EvE of course.

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