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Thread: Name change preview before being charged

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    Name change preview before being charged

    While everyone at one point or another will look to change the toon name it would be nice to be able to preview the new name prior to being charged for it in case it just doesn't look right. Right now we get charged right away. Having the option to preview and then be charged once we accept the change would make a lot more sense.

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    Re: Name change preview before being charged

    I know this is not what do you want but...
    Post the new name in your wall and send it to empire chat. If you don't want to let people know before the change, create a private chat room and test your name there before change. Wall and chat are good places to preview your new name.

    *not 100% safe because I had some names that I tested, liked, changed and after couple weeks the name just not showing like was before anymore.
    Long names just lost the last part and now my names don't have last 2, 3 letters.
    And I'm saving FP to fix it cause the name have no sense now
    2 accounts had they name changed to Invalid Name and I was able to create a new name (no cost).

    This happened a while ago and idk how things are now. I didn't changed my name again after that.

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    Re: Name change preview before being charged

    I've always tested names with wierd characters on my iPhone in Notes. When it comes up the way I want it I copy and paste that to name change field. Its always worked for me but I've seen some funky names over the years so mileage may vary  0795

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