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Thread: Who to 5*

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    Who to 5*

    I have over 12k defense. Who should I 5* first, Violence, Fiori, or Chopper? Thanks for any replies!

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    Re: Who to 5*

    If fiori isn't caped at 1000 defense then go for her.

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    Re: Who to 5*

    Fiori is capped at 1k as I remember from forum.

    From your list, Chopper. He helps both offensive ans defensive.
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    Re: Who to 5*

    pitbull (even cloned pitbull) is in a lot of setups. for that reason id go for violence if your other seats have high star LTs (8-9* rares)

    compared to chopper.. fiori is a lvl below the two others mentioned

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