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Thread: How does Salvatore works?

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    How does Salvatore works?

    What does he do? i see a lil blue shield but what does it do?

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nokky View Post
    What does he do? i see a lil blue shield but what does it do?
    His Bio should have explained this.

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    Salvatore ability

    I know Salvatore needs to be seated to gain respect, but does he need to be seated in order for the respect to be used?

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    Re: Salvatore ability

    No I don't think you need him seated once you gain Respect points.

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    Attacking without Salvatore seated did not show any indication of using a respect token. When seated, I did see a message indicating it being used. Still no idea if absorbing a token without Salvatore seated works.

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    Can I get a response to this?

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    I would like to know as well, when attacking do u see the 1%+ bonus from opp hp ? I have him but have not used cause of all the bad stuff i hear

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    You won't get much answer because basically on paper this lt looked half decent but in reality has turned into a waste of time. If the devs actually tested these powers out before releasing then they would of realised how poor it is and how people would get annoyed by yet another useless event lt.
    They could improve it but they won't because the management back bone isn't strong enough to make that decision.
    Ue new owners think all the good stuff will camouflage the bad stuff. What they forget is people remember the bad and if there's to much bad to remember then all the good counts for nothing.
    Due to this more people leave the game including myself. UE doesn't listen to the player base and is a dying game. When I say player base I mean to everyone outside there top spenders or there devs in game friends because they do have them and we know which empire the devs are mostly associated with. Rant over and RIP ue. 8k spent on game and I'm out.

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    Re: How does Salvatore works?

    Ok, thanks for using my post to rant.

    Now can I get an answer?

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