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Thread: Eve league system

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    Eve league system

    Would there be any possible chance our new devs would consider any alterations to the EvE ranking system we have? With the game having such a huge difference between new and old empires, wouldn't it make things more interesting for gamers to compete with more 'like' empires rather than getting shot up to ranks out of their league?
    Some kind of promotion/relegation system between the leagues, refreshed each month, where each league is locked in for the month and the lowest x amount at the end of the month get relegated down a league and the top x get promoted up a league.

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    Re: Eve league system

    there was another good thread about this somewhere - but I seem to have lost it...

    My thoughts - current formula/algorithm for matchmaking as I understand it works
    In my opinion need a 5 up/5 down addition, i.e. 5 wins in a row to go up a Tier, 5 wins in a row to go down a tier
    This will stabilize some of the jumps from Platinum to Legend, and prevent teams from sleeping all season to run up in the last few days

    I also think that any account that does not log in to the game for 60 days should be auto kicked from an empire.
    (not all players participate in EvE, so the red, blue, yellow, green dots are not a good route)

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    Re: Eve league system

    I like this idea. Keep empires separated for 6 months.

    The only advantage of the quicker moving up and down is the arrival or departure of toons. You are in diamond and you add 5 new players, you have might now be a legend empire. Or the other way around, your best defender leaves and you are stuck in a tougher tier than you are now able to handle.

    Possible idea is to give players some kind of point value that takes activity, class skills, and stat points into account. The system them would tabulate how many points an empire scores each war. It would use the points to figure out which empires are close to each other and could make better wars at every slot.

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    Re: Eve league system

    Let X stand for the Empire index which is the total of all the toons attack and defense calculated plus all the hp for buildings and shields and upgrades then match make it base on that number and compare said number against other like numbers

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