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Thread: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

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    Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter


    Itís not very hard for me to decide which of my elite or rare LTís to seat. And despite the value to me of commons like Backfire, Penelope, Charmaine and sometimes John, there are very few commons that I want to seat. If the game was like that, developing LTís would be easy.

    But then there are the uncommons. This is a bowl of spaghetti, as it were. There must be a dozen of them Iíd like to keep and develop, and I canít do them all. In an effort to clarify for myself the roles they might take, Iíve created a list of questions.

    CAVEAT: Sometimes the community discusses the best practices that theyíve found by trial and error, and the result is that the devs call it a bug and nerf it. If any of these questions feel like that to you, just use the safe word: STRAWBERRY. It wonít make any difference, but I like to troll the conspiracy theorists.

    • Fleur Ė any use if not a 2nd tier toon? Nope. I found a thread from 2015 about nerfing her in EvE collection. When is she helpful, and when is she not? If youíre not a tier II toon, is she fuser fodder?
    • Brainiac Ė any point to seating him if youíre not using him to speed up the tech lab? And is this a good time to say how glad I am that you donít have to unseat him when you only have enough items to make 1 thing and heís starred up to make 4? That was a mixed blessing for a while there.
    • Nautica Ė any point to seating her outside of an event? Does she help with drops at any other time? Is her role only to increase the number of items dropped when it happens?
    • Scorpion Ė any special power active outside of EvE? Seat him in boss jobs only if heís strong enough?
    • Anson Ė any power outside of Boss Jobs? Is he the boss version of Scorpion?

    Coach me a little? What are your tips for developing uncommon LT's?
    Just a bit analytical.

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Fleur is for bosses only. Equip her and then collect. She was glitched to work with eve collect but that was fixed.

    Brainiac is good for events that use blue/red/yellow to make a golden chip/dice ect. When you need to make 3 or 400 he helps your fingers.

    Nautica is good for the event we just had. You got a little extra when it drops. She is also handy for legendary bosses to get more silver and gold bullets.

    Scorpion is EVE only.

    Anson is good and can save you a lot of stamina x ing bosses. Higher life bosses = more stamina saved.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Scorpion should have same effect in PvP also.

    Though, maybe not as useful, as he will save you a bit of stamina, which you have a lot more than tokens in EvE.

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Mostly i used fleur when collecting after some cc boss farming, but since i'm new to bossing - i don't have any real sample to compare whether the boost she provides were significant or not.

    Nautica - some ppl said she was boosting bullets too in legend bosses but then again since i heard it from other, i can't say how she works on that end.

    Scorpion - i had him 6 starred and i used him in arena event (lol) but after they changed arena to use our actual health probably his effectiveness are greatly reduced or even rendered useless.. But still i used him for psychological boost (lol again)

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    For me the uncommons that i'm trying to keep and star are: joaquin, Gunner, Charon, Envy and Pain. Maybe taking hotwire/nautica up a bit too here and there. I don't want to have to use uncommons on combat setups (with the possible exceptions of pain and envy) I have rare's and epics for that, I want my uncommons for Eco stuff.

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Scorpion also works on bosses. I've had a boss or 2 I thought were getting close to x, so put in Scorpion and was able to x the boss. Maybe someone hit the boss while I switched.

    Nautica only works when you hit for large amount of E or S. 2% of 3 alloy is nothing, lol. I dropped her from my line up in MMB because I only hit for 10 or 20 at a time. When leveling and hitting with 160, I would seat hoping for RNG proc.

    Fluer is useless once you hit lvl 3 on the tier 2 classes, IMO, because you get so much class xp for EvE after lvl 3.

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Gman, Dozer, Hotwire, Envy

    Even if you aren't demo, Gman can add high % of dmg - if you had the chance to buy the 10 guns (0.2% increase dmg stacks 10x) a 6* Gman is better than 2* Hyena

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Brainiac's power lies in his ability to combo with ISIS during events.

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    Re: Clearing the Uncommon LT Clutter

    Quote Originally Posted by phpcb9 View Post
    Brainiac's power lies in his ability to combo with ISIS during events.
    So lets say brainiac creates 2-3 items at tech lab event, ISIS (why do i even use the capital lol) duplicates it by 1 or the same amount created? I'm curious

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