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Class selection for boss fights
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Thread: Class selection for boss fights

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    Class selection for boss fights

    As far as I can tell there is no option to join a boss fight as a tier 2 type class, at least I haven't found one. If so, does that mean I can't get class experience for a tier 2 class character from boss fights and thus can only advance in that case through empire wars? Possibly the program handles this correctly but obviously it's necessary to know for proper growing of the character.

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    Re: Class selection for boss fights

    You join the boss as the tier 1 class and you gain class xp for both tiers. The ration is 10 stamina :1 class xp for tier 1 and 200 stamina : 1 class xp for tier 2. This ratio can be improved by seating specific lts while hitting the boss: Wraith for Sniper, Palladium for Enforcer, Arrow for Assassin, Walker for Heavy Weapons and Fleur for all tier 2 classes.
    As a note, since the introduction of the new Birdie lt, it should be possible to gain class xp via PvP also. I do not know the ratio, but probably is the same, when not using Birdie. It will improve when using him.

    Later Edit: well, it seems that you cannot gain class xp without using Birdie. I do not know if this is a bug or just the intended way (the original behaviour).

    Lets say you join a boss as Sniper:
    On every 200 stamina used - you gain 20 Sniper xp and 1 Ghost xp (similar for the couples heavy weapons - terminator / enforcer - titan / assassin - reaper).

    Although that, the best way to increase your tier 2 class xp is via EvE. Unfortunately the return is so low at level 1, but the EvE return increases with your class level. A common advice is "to EvE" as the old class (if it is maxed) untill you get to lvl 2 for the new class or at least untill you have enough cc to max something in the new class (the most common complain is the demo damage from a full heavy compared to lvl 1 Grenade of a Terminator, just play as heavy untill you have enough cc to max Grenade).
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