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Thread: MMB Execution nerf??!!

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    MMB Execution nerf??!!

    Is it just me or have the executions been nerfed? I'm using an 8* anson and only getting 1k points per x!!

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    Re: MMB Execution nerf??!!

    looks like it, i got 8k per X as well. they nerf it. ��*♂️

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    Re: MMB Execution nerf??!!

    I don't think it was nerfed. I think the amount of points an execution gives increases the higher the boss level. I was getting 2-3k at first but I'm getting 20-30k now.

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    Re: MMB Execution nerf??!!

    It was likely needed a bit. Others on Line chat are also noticing it. At the same time, they want people to hit the boss, not just stand there and X it.

    Just an aside, someone make a push for Alpha for that Top Spot. It is always better when there is competition at the Top levels. (Nothing personal Alpha you are great for the game, just a little nudge to get you to spend an extra few VIPs).

    Don't worry, I am spending a few on my accounts also. Buying more cards now for the weekend. My target ranges always have lots of competition.

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