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Thread: Playing this game on Androids

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    Playing this game on Androids

    I have been playing this game for almost 3 years. I have 3 android devices with a total of 5 toons between the 5 devices. Something has recently changed for the worse. The devices are extremely slow trying to play this game. It is taking me forever to burn my energy and stamina. Also, trying to demo a building using these devices is embarrassing - attack, wait wait, attack, wait wait, attack, wait wait. My devices were never super fast but at least I could play the game on them with reasonable speed. And yes, the game freezes on each device at least once a day and sometimes more. I can't even play the Million Man Boss on these devices - the lag is horrible and slow. There have been many posts with people having these same issues. PLEASE FIX THIS. I don't need stat converters or hybrid views or quick links to the war log. I need the game to work on androids. By the way, my apple ipod is lightning fast and I have virtually no problem playing the game on it except for an occasional loss of connection.

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    Re: Playing this game on Androids

    I was just about to make yet another post on here about this. If you have Android, there is virtually no chance to execute, regardless of your LTs or how fast you are.

    Also, I only hit the assassins on my sniper. By the time I burn all of my stamina on an assassin, then go to refill, the boss is dead. Its hard to get more than 100k battle points per level, unless I want to waste my stamina and refills on the countless HW bosses in this event.

    I wish I'd never created a toon on my android, not to mention my strongest one is on there.

    But like you said, thank god for that hybrid view, or the clear cache button that makes literally no difference.

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    +1 on this!!
    Can't believe how slow my main on Android have become. I will say that I love the new update feature where u can check out all att/def aspects of ur account. But besides that, the last updates feels like a **** to android users
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    Re: Playing this game on Androids

    I Play on iOS and on Android and can These directly. My Little toons on Android are just for demo purposes. That is the only thing u can do nowadays (and demo just on buildings with no active defenders, cause u arent fast enough!). I dont play these actively cause it doesnt make any fun at all anymore. It takes me about an hour to burn my stamina and energy on 4 toons and hey that is only 1800 each on all 4 toons! On my "old" iphone 5 game seems to be four times quicker then on my android. If i would have my main on droid i would quit and i understand every android player that would like to have this game "runable" instead of getting new heists/events/promos/areas/jobs or whatever.

    While all kind of questions are getting answered u just dont get answeres about android's problems (speed on android devices/converting accounts from android to ios).

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    Re: Playing this game on Androids

    The response we've gotten in the past is that there is not a "native" android version of the game. They use a 3rd party to "port" their iOS code to something that will limp along on Android. Perhaps with different ownership there is a difference in approach.

    I play on Android on a Nexus 7, a Nexus 6, and a Galaxy S tablet. If they are charged up, they work pretty well. But as you have observed, they seem to be slowing down.

    I wonder what portion of the player base is on Android vs iOS?
    Just a bit analytical.

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