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Thread: Million Man Boss VI informations

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    Re: Million Man Boss VI informations

    Quote Originally Posted by alexian View Post
    Damage mitigation refers to the damage you are receiving. I do not understand your question.
    The 30% reduction is just lost, does not transfer to counter damage, if that is what you were asking.
    What I meant was, if I am attacking and he procs. Do I have both the 1% of health damage inflicted AND the counter damage dealt to me is mitigated by 30%?

    I think based on your answer, probably not...
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    Re: Million Man Boss VI informations

    How Can you see How Many respect points you have. Could Be Nice to know if you should Attack or save for absorbing.

    Duke: Use the Hybrid EvE view, click on the attack option info button, if you have respect points, it should show there.
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    Re: Million Man Boss VI informations

    Individual rewards are cumulative. While rank rewards like rank 1000 etc are not. You only get the reward for the rank you are at. Though I personally would love to have them be cumulative as well. Makes no sense to not get the rewards for below reanks too. Considering that some higher rank rewards are actually worse than the lower ones.

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