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MMB Lt to use
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Thread: MMB Lt to use

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    MMB Lt to use

    Which Lt are good to use for MMB, except crit Lt, who would you recommend to use? I was thinking about using alpha, reaper, g-man, midas and overkill. What do you guys think?

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    I think those do sound good.

    Nautica is potentially useful for this event as well.

    Damage LTs, critical rate and critical damage LTs, Frank-Midas, Duke-Mastermind-RC-Poppy, and Anson are good

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Thanks for the help, I think I will replace g-man with nautica. Didn't knew she would help in this event before I started this thread. Wish you all good luck in this event

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    If you're going for black hats more than rank since 4K black hats is guaranteed event lt and rank always change after event finished, isn't better to have nŠutica and stamina lts even if not strong as damage or crit lts??

    I mean, even if you're not going up to 4K, once you reach the amount you aiming it don't change like rank.

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    If, you are going for only 4K blackhat. then use Nautica.
    but if your going to spend and going for the rank. kick nautical out and go for Crit damage and proc. Midas.. double the damage. if you use 160 staminas. and midas proc. its equivalent to 320 stamina's.

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Thats true but dosent nautica give you bullets so your crit increase even more by dropping the extra bullets?

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Nautica helps dropping items not matter where its used...i use her during Legend bosses for gold bullets

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Lucas is actually quite good against bosses, I've found. When I'm boss hunting, I will use him and Overkill (and Duke--don't forget about him or at least Skull King), along with Alpha and Vanquish, and I hit thresholds awful fast.

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Which lt should i seat.. +7% crit damage, +4% boss damage, or +3% crit chance

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    Re: MMB Lt to use

    Anson is best deal for ur money. If u lucky to have lady vice. Or envy with anson 4 star or higher u can do well with a toon that has good stamina in this event.

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