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Thread: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

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    New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    As with all event lieutenants, there are many questions that remain given the limited description provided ingame. As such, I have some questions as I decide how many copies of Salvatore that I intend to try to obtain during the event.

    1. Do the respect points referred to Salvatore's description refer to the respect points that players receive in game normally (like from bossing)?

    Duke: Not the same thing. It's a status effect (has an icon) like poison or burn, but it's a buff not a debuff. When you trigger it by spending a token, it gives you 5 points and stackable if you trigger it again.

    If the respect points are the same, do the devs intend to increase the maximum number of respect points from the current max of 6000?

    Duke: N/A

    2. Is Salvatore cloneable with Envy, Viper or Lady Vice, and if so what powers clone?

    Duke: Can't clone it.

    3. Is the X percentage damage referred to in the Salvatore's description off of Max eve health (like Spectre) or off of current health of the target during eve?

    Duke: Current health, kind of like plague, but the damage is not true damage, it can be dodged/nanoed/deflected/turtled, but the damage mitigation LTs doesn't work on it. The damage source of Salvatore should be exactly like the rare LT Patch. It's just Patch only do 1%.

    Answers to these questions would be very helpful as I budget for this event. Thank you for your consideration.

    Very truly yours,
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