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Thread: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

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    New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    As with all event lieutenants, there are many questions that remain given the limited description provided ingame. As such, I have some questions as I decide how many copies of Salvatore that I intend to try to obtain during the event.

    1. Do the respect points referred to Salvatore's description refer to the respect points that players receive in game normally (like from bossing)?

    Duke: Not the same thing. It's a status effect (has an icon) like poison or burn, but it's a buff not a debuff. When you trigger it by spending a token, it gives you 5 points and stackable if you trigger it again.

    If the respect points are the same, do the devs intend to increase the maximum number of respect points from the current max of 6000?

    Duke: N/A

    2. Is Salvatore cloneable with Envy, Viper or Lady Vice, and if so what powers clone?

    Duke: Can't clone it.

    3. Is the X percentage damage referred to in the Salvatore's description off of Max eve health (like Spectre) or off of current health of the target during eve?

    Duke: Current health, kind of like plague, but the damage is not true damage, it can be dodged/nanoed/deflected/turtled, but the damage mitigation LTs doesn't work on it. The damage source of Salvatore should be exactly like the rare LT Patch. It's just Patch only do 1%.

    Answers to these questions would be very helpful as I budget for this event. Thank you for your consideration.

    Very truly yours,
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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    We will know soon. Am curious myself.

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    One question duke. Would this work on buildings?

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by NerV View Post
    One question duke. Would this work on buildings?
    Also curious about this

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    So if I want to use this Lt as a titan I am confused. Let's say on my first token it procs and I get five respect. If I attack again will I start using the respect? It will be hard to use this Lt defending if I have to stop attacking after the proc. I need to concentrate on healing not keep taking quick trips to attack and be away from the health and armor pack buttons.

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    Will lady lucks power work Salvatore, need to know before the beginning of the event in order to decide if I'm spending or not.

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    Alpha, you do not speak often here, but when you do they listen. Thank you for that. I hate going up your empire (destroy us of course) but it is amazing the damage you do. Right now since you are a Titan, the armor gained is on another level.

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    A few more questions to Duke :

    1. Is it possible for you to let us know the exact percentage proc per stars of the new LT ?

    Duke: General has a thread about it.

    2. Knowing that you will gain 5 respect charges if the lt procs, and lose 1 for each attack/ token spent on attack, which means using support skill like stim, riot , self buffing , bombs will not consume a charge ?

    Duke: Only being attacked will consume that. Supers won't trigger.
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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    I'm also curious how sir Benedict will work on the new Lt. If I attack someone with Salvatore in their right hand and they have a respect point will I avoid having my damage mitigated by 30%?

    Duke: Salvator won't proc if the opponent you are attacking has Benedict and procs. But if you already have respect points as status effect, that will still work.
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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    Hi I would like a confirmation as if lt Salvadore works on buildings? Does the ability trigger when hitting them? Do u get the xtra % damage if u hit a building when respect is active?
    I'm asking because when previous owner werent clear about questions asked it was the same as a no.
    This experience makes me reluctant to spend on my main ( a heavy weapon) and I dont spend on my alts.
    sincerely yours ��

    Duke: doesn't work for building, but hitting buildings have chance to give you respect points.
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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by KOFOLA View Post
    Will lady lucks power work Salvatore, need to know before the beginning of the event in order to decide if I'm spending or not.
    Pretty sure I read that Lady lucks power is a mess and doesnt work correctly. It was on the sticky where Duke replied to questions. Not 100% sure but check to confirm. I will see if i can find it for you.

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    Re: New Salvatore Lieutenant...Questions

    QUOTE=UWE_Duke;168534]0.6% + 2.5% is a perfect example why Lady Luck design was BAD. I can tell you that the existing code doesn't give you 2.5% bonus. Lady Luck power was tuned down when the base % is low. I think it is safe to say Lady Luck skill is still a very great power, but not crazy OP. Problem is the description cannot be simplified to reflect her real power. And I don't want to be the index to answer every question about her. She's been like this forever, so not my first priority to sort her out, that means, she is as fine as is for now.

    I want to give some guidelines for understanding Lady Luck, I could be wrong as there are too many factors:
    1. Some common used skills are buffed by her power normally (without discount): Frank, Layla, Gunslinger, Crit %, Dodge %, Attack/Defense Power fluctuation %. And most chance based LT powers, if % is not too small.
    2. If you see some LT has less than 5% to proc at 9*, Lady Luck contribution is most likely tuned down.
    3. Overkill and Whiplash proc chance are not buffed by Lady Luck.
    4. Non-cloneable chance based LTs are most likely not working with Lady Luck buff. For example Siri.[/QUOTE]

    Found it. I would be cautious with lady luck. Hardly anyone has or uses her. Its in "To the Devs" and its the only sticky.

    Duke: Actually I made Lady Luck work with Salvatore 100%.
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