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    So Im curious as to where this promo is that has been posted to the UE facebook page, as well as to where the banner in-game is for the supposed MMB starting 4/20? I am updated to newest client version and as far as I am aware..nobody sees either

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    Re: Mmb

    It's in game now. Promo is up. MMB is my favorite event.

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    Re: Mmb

    Looked great until I saw the list of possible rewards, it's revenge of the blueprints again or at least it looks like it. Please don't make the same mistake as your predecessors.

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    Re: Mmb

    Can anyone make sense of the power? Art work looks super cool but I got confused with the power explanation lol

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    Re: Mmb

    Rewards are pretty lame for drops. Dropping contracts instead of insignia's? What is with the Law being the top prize for 4K black hats. Last event had a Midas/Enzo. Not impressed on these rewards for one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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    Re: Mmb

    The event LT is a complete dud. I'm only going to try to hit thresholds/execute because I want Sara pieces and Reaper's Phantom

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    OmG contracts! I love getting them!!!!
    Seriously though. It better not be like last mmb. It was horrible. Also it better not be mostly heavy weapons again!

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    Re: Mmb

    On the per level collect I noticed duplicates - black armor and black cleaver for sure.

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