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Pay respect to the shadow affiliation?
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Thread: Pay respect to the shadow affiliation?

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    Lightbulb Pay respect to the shadow affiliation?

    Man, I don't feel like paying respect to the crime gangs be nice. Hmmm... the shadow affiliation... they're just people who minds their own business and do whatever they want to . MY TYPE OF PEOPLE !!!

    Pay respect to - Siri or The Shadow Broker or Duke or Baron

    Description - Led by no one as far as people know of. They're mercenaries, police, peacekeepers, warmongers, anything! They're not really a group , just individuals or groups, each moving however they want, do whatever they want and whenever they want. Their motives? Each differs among individuals, be it for justice; for peace; for money or domination. But the point is joining the shadow affiliation means you can do whatever you want, you have complete freedom to tear down your oppositions! But beware, members of the shadow affiliation gives no regard towards each other...

    Reward for each respect - 1HP? 1 Crate shard? 20CC? Blood diamond? Crown Jewel?
    End reward - A rifle or a gear?

    Well, I certainly would like to see this tbh, been getting really tired of the 4 color logos everywhere, thought a blank logo would spice things up!
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    Re: Pay respect to the shadow affiliation?

    I like it
    You could do a 'shadow update' and then add a bunch of unobtainable tech items to craft for the shadow faction as well lol <3

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    Re: Pay respect to the shadow affiliation?


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