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Assassins A lost art
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Thread: Assassins A lost art

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    Assassins A lost art

    One of my favorite classes is the assassin. In the first 2 years of the game I own boards. Like a defender it was a grind but executing players was fun.

    I have a 9 star scorpion. I don't even use him or the assassin class. When other classes can hit 1k plus the need of a asssassin is a dying art.

    I thought about this what could we do to be balance yet fair.

    1 upping the cap would be great but not sure if that affects the balance.

    2 He is called a assassin mass x of a defensive position a row or so forth or a building.
    I really like this idea as a super power.

    My thoughts are old classes need some love.

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    You are kidding right? The reaper at our empire spends his time plaguing the people. On that tough target, we sit there forever waiting for the X. Trust me we are begging reapers and terminators to go back to assassins and heavies because the lack of traps is killing us on the few close battles we have.

    Our reapers don't want to 'waste' their 900+ X's on that 764 health player.

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    Lsi assassins are the way to go especially if you get the right Lts, but I do agree that old classes need a boost.

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    Well for a powerful empire all the classes are required...

    Assassins and Heavy Weapons are mostly required...however there are few skills that have become redundant....

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    With so many high health toons, I like to think my assassin still plays an important role with cripple.

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr death View Post
    Our reapers don't want to 'waste' their 900+ X's on that 764 health player.
    And really, with the drop of 50 hp/decap they really shouldn't have to. Of all the Reaper skills, I find it to be the most situational and almost a gimmick on how quickly it becomes less useful than a stacked Assassin decap. Reapers -should- be plaguing.

    At the start of the timer drop to 3 min I began to see a huge rise in the amount of support-classed minis. Now that it is down to 1 minute, I see even more. We have 2 in our empire with mini Assassins that are all decap/Scorpion/Envy stacked. We have a couple more that have hw minis for trap and rapid demo support and there is also the enforcer minis with stim 3 and sniper mini with suppress 3.

    The base classes still have purpose, but the lack of 2 super weapons tends to make them less appealing for main toons. Best advice is that if you see a need for a skill and cannot recruit it, it may actually be faster to build it. If you can't be bothered to do it yourself, bring it up amongst your empire members - chances are someone else may have the same idea and a plan of how they would attack it. I stated in empire chat that we could use more stims in battle for debuffs and we had 2 enforcers started that same week.

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    Re: Assassins A lost art

    1 ) post was about assassin not reapers.
    2) Each classs has some skills which definitely help in eve.
    Not a fan of reapers have it in my main mostly maxed. But it does serve a good purpose in wars if used right

    I agree the stim is very understated skill.

    Cripple nice skill.

    Maybe I use a assassin if Devs give me 9 star lady vice to play with. 😳Um just kidding. No I am not. Lol.
    Have a great day and have fun 👊

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