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Mastermind Boss
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Thread: Mastermind Boss

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    Mastermind Boss


    I opened a Chatroom called 'MASTERMIND'
    Feel free to ad/search there for Mastermind Bosses.

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    Re: Mastermind Boss

    When I battle the Mastermind Boss, it seems to deal out quite a bit of counter damage. I go through 100 health in three or four 40 Stamina hits sometimes. I do not remember it being like this maybe a year or two ago. Has something changed? Also, there are times that it actually costs me more money to keep healing than I get in return. Is it this way for everybody else or do I need a better Lt load out or something?

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    Re: Mastermind Boss

    No it destroys health. Even those of us in the 2100+ groups.

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    Re: Mastermind Boss

    the counterattacks off that boss have always been strong since the beginning, my level and health as its higher can withstand a few counterattacks off it and then i'm dead too but lower health usually means most hits from it will kill unless you are lucky and receive nothing which happens from time to time.

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    Re: Mastermind Boss

    Make a Line group Yener333 - wud be happy to join in

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    Re: Mastermind Boss

    Counter damage is strong,3 x 40 Stam hit eats 500 heath.

    I dont have Line...dont want use it again...

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