This upgrade felt like it was going to take forever due to the crown jewel requirement but we got the last one in today!

I wish there were something for us to see what % completion our overall upgrade status was currently at. If we had a % per building breakdown to top that off it would be helpful.

An upgrades "Leaderboard" could be nice for bragging-rights too I imagine. (Maxed all #1 but in order of completion, and everyone else below.) I think the runaway amount of empires would need to be addressed to keep the processing down on that though.

So since we don't have any sort of automatic way of knowing who has what, why not throw out some empire achievement milestones here? I know some of the top dogs were out of upgrades prior to the newest batch - So, who are you, and how far down the top EvE rankings do you reach? How many of you have knocked off Fortification or Combat Training to 6% already? I'm giving you all open license to brag here, because I'm about to do my small one here:

Pokémon Empire:
Max Shadow Broker
Max Philanthropist (Under Construction)
Max Building slots in both bunkers
Everything else, in progress.

Your turn - Share with us whether you have max everything, or which ones you have knocked off that were a battle.