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Thread: War log issues

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    War log issues

    This is an old bug from my point of view - wondering if this is an Android issue only or whether both platforms are impacted.

    When going to the war log in EvE, I can currently expect one of 3 things to happen. (Whether using new button or old tab)

    1) It displays fine

    2) It doesn't display at all - forcing an empire chat/war chat juggle until it populates.

    3) It displays faded. Meaning you may be able to read it depending on the gradient of the fade or it might be as useful as #2.

    Aside from this, I have noted an increase of log-stalls lately where even though hits are still happening the log either has to be juggled to refresh or you need to close and reopen the app to get it to behave normally again. I use 2 devices most wars and as of 2 updates ago, the app sometimes just crashes on the war log screen as hits scroll.

    The latter issue, I think has to do with a text buffer overflow. The app doesn't purge items that go over a limit on droid. IE: If you open EC on one device, you can only see maybe 30 items back, but if you leave the app on that screen, it never purges the top assets at the top and eventually you will start getting the chat glitch described in other threads and ultimately a force close when the bug hits criticality.

    Opening the app, rejoining eve, and leaving the war log open is all it takes to crash the app eventually. The revamp of the chat engine was the biggest core code change when the android crashes began. (We no longer get the "..." chat cut-offs since that update and it is where all the trouble started.)

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    Re: War log issues

    I get all 3 things on IOS too. It is a very old device though, might not really be representative for IOS.
    Anything strange happening i just write off to my device being old and not actual bugs. Good to see that i'm not the only one with that problem though.

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