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Thread: Pokémon wants you to have a ball!

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    Pokémon wants you to have a ball!

    Very active empire - Seeking 2-4 moderate to large active players to fill some gaps.

    We bounce mid Legend to High Diamond ranks.

    We run an organized group as far as calls go and empire donations. Our Line room has a lot of information in quick-reference formats. For those working on donation achievements, our philanthropist is nearly at max, our shadow broker is at max and we have some top level upgrades already in queue!

    If I were to have a wishlist based upon needs, we would be seeking the following:

    Active Titan/Enforcer Lv800+ (Front line defense spot. Backup/Primary depends upon level/activity)

    Ghost with Ghost Hunter 3 - We don't have that skill here yet and it would help.

    Reaper with Plague 3/Disable 3/Mass Plague - We have one of these now, and two or more would overwhelm a few stim-happy enforcers.

    We're a tactical group. We don't have the biggest toons so we often have to be creative when utilizing activity over brawn. If you're looking to talk game/build strategies in depth, we're your empire.

    Don't let the name fool you - we're amused to death about playing as Pokemon in a crime game. If the humor of that is lost upon you, you probably won't get the lot of us at core. We've got some bent senses of humor over here at times. Bring your meme A-game to our Line room. 😉

    We're community-forward and mingle with many other empires socially. We *try* to be good ambassadors to the game wherever possible here. If the player(s) in question are incapable of civility, we do our best to return the grief that they seem to enjoy. Bottom line : We don't seek out trouble, but we don't shy away from it when it finds us either. We aggressively protect our own. Excellent opportunity for a large toon to be the chief revenge vindicator here. 😊

    PM me with Ally code for invites or to ask about our recent activity/placement or upgrades!

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    Re: Pokémon wants you to have a ball!

    Good luck! I'm happy where I'm at, but I think my empire is in the same boat as far as not having the biggest toons, but often winning against stronger opponents. I love the strategic side of EvE!

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    Re: Pokémon wants you to have a ball!


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