Hey guys,

My name is SoundMan, I am an officer in our empire HOMICIDE, a laid back group with real life on top of everything.
We play 4 wars a day with different players active according to everyone's time zone. In the 12PM and 6PM wars we have the highest number of actives that can reach 35 - 40. We stay the most in Daimond League with daily jumps in lower to mid Legend League.

Empire Upgrades:
HQ - LVL 5
Bunkers - LVL 6 and LVL 5 - Reinforced Steel
Armory - LVL 5
Hospital - LVL 5
Sniper Tower - LVL 4
Nuke Silo - LVL 2
Research Lab - LVL 2
Player armor on EVE start - 100

If someone needs room for more then a few members we can make it, about 10 guys from here including myself are here from a merger that happened more then 1 year ago, so we are a close family for sure. We ask for daily donations and following calls (no rogues) so nothing SF .

Looking forward for new players any class that want to be part of something awesome and one big happy family.

My ally code is 2FC032. I wish the best of luck to all u guys out there and have fun.

SoundMan - Officer (HOMICIDE)