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Westside Dice Broken?
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Thread: Westside Dice Broken?

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    Westside Dice Broken?

    Anyone else think Westside may have a legit issue dropping Kate? Coincidence I need 1 more Kate to fuse my two 5 stars for a 6 star Alpha and just cannot get one? I have been playing several years so know all about the RNG of UE but I have not gotten a Kate in the last 40+ collects and all were within the great percentage category. In my mind there is no way that is right for a rare on a job that requires so much energy. Is Kate dropping more often for anyone else? Duke, would you please take a look and ensure Westside dice is functioning correctly? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    kate, I cant remember the last time she dropped, thats the only job I've farmed the last couple of years too, its a lot of energy to use too, the percentage needs tweaking just a little.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    I do t think it's broken, I have collected many Kate's recently. Just stupid RNG not In Your favor I guess

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    From my personal experience the odds are about...
    Lotus 25%
    Hector 30%
    Blink 30%
    Kate 5%
    Rare recombinator 10%

    I think it would be nice to take 5% off the recombinator and add it to Kate so she drops at 10%. I have about 70 rare recombinators. Way too many of those.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Recombinators should a bonus, not a reward by itself

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Hate the recombs personally feel they should be done away with anyways. Fusionis expensive as is. Also I keep getting rare recombs no kate since months. Rng is evil

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Quote Originally Posted by the3 View Post
    Recombinators should a bonus, not a reward by itself
    Agreed. It feels pretty bad to spend ~2500 energy and get only a recombinator. If you land the recombinator you should still get an LT tbh.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    I've been chasing uncommons in west side but keep getting Kate, I have ten copies now to fuse.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shifty View Post
    I've been chasing uncommons in west side but keep getting Kate, I have ten copies now to fuse.
    Good lord, i wish i had your luck - its lotus rain here

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Thanks for answers and sharing your experience guys. Sounds like Kate is dropping but is not dropping at all for several. I realize this is a small sampling but maybe Duke or someone will take a look. I don't expect a rare every 4th or 5th time but I would expect 1 or 2 every 50 tries. Maybe 1 or 3 depending on how rng fell but at least 1 lol.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    So the previous last collect of Kate I had was during the last Battle Royale which ran jan 26 through feb 5th. I believe I collected her back to back I think midway through the event. Since then I needed exactly 1 kate to fuse her away. I read your post 2 days ago and later that evening I finally got a Kate and I collected again last night and got another kate. So back to back kate's again. It took 2 months and 2 weeks aprox. to finally receive kate's again. That's over 35 levels and time.
    We know there is a % drop rate and it's rng.
    What is confusing is the weird fact that kate seems to drop back to back then not again for long periods of time. Does back to back drops always happen? Probably not.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    My last 5 collects.. Lotus-->rare recombinator->-Lotus-->rare recombinator-->rare recombinator

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    14 collects since original post, all within varying percentages within the great category, two collects we're even at 100%. Still no Kate. This has to be flawed. I am going to drop more refills today and this weekend. I will continue to post in this thread until I finally get a single rate from West Side : (

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    I've been farming west side for a long time now. I get a lot of lotus, but also the uncommons. Very few Kate's!
    During the event, my 10 first collects was(at 80%+); 4x uncommon, 1x lotus, 3x Kate in a row, Cash and then another Kate. This was a insane collect I've never had before.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    My Westside experience on about 400 collects at 95%+ completion

    Lotus 18%
    Rare Recombinator 15%
    Blink 31%
    Hector 24%
    Kate 5%
    Cash out 7%

    This is on 4 accounts over several months. 1 is a Super LSI that has 6K E so it gets almost 3 collects every level. The other 3 are in the 2K range so about 1 collect a level. Fifth account is still working on jobs.

    The cash out is what is bothersome. It is triggering at too high a rate. Yesterday it triggered 4/5 times between 2 accounts just yesterday. Both had it happen 2X in a row.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    9 more collects from last post and I finally got a Kate! So I received one rare on my 66th collect, all in the great percentage range which is a lot of energy cost to reach that category. I am glad I can finally fuse but this seems like a legitimate issue to me.

    PS- Hans congrats on your extraordinary streak of Kate's! I guess you were getting the ones I was overdue for 😆

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    whats the best percentage rate to collect?

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    Sorry, I don't know about Kate, I am trying to get more Fox LTs and it looks like the percentage is 1-2% (180 collects for 2 x Fox). I think they have buried deep down the rares, lol.
    Got these from two very different LTs, one big ghost with 4kE and one HW with over 5kE, so it doesn't matter.

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    Re: Westside Dice Broken?

    I got a Kate last week. my RNG is sub 5%, but not too far off Standard deviatoin.

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