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Thread: Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

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    Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

    When working properly, we choose the top 3 priority donation spots and when you hit the donation button if you don't have the first priority you can default to the other priorities. Right now hitting the donation button only shows your first priority and that's all you can donate to automatically.

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    Re: Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

    That is because for what you are donating, that is where it is all going to. It shows you 2/3 when something is going to go there.

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    Re: Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

    That isn't correct. If you have different priorities that have different possible donations it showed the options. So the money would be the first plus whatever item, say blood diamonds. Then if priority 2 had plutonium the plutonium would show in the items you could donate in case you didn't have blood diamonds. Same for the third priority. As long as you had different items the items would show.

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    Re: Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

    What he meant is that you donate everything to priority one. If for instance you do not have the items for priority one it will show you the money for priority one and the items for priority two.
    You cannot get to choose what goes where. You are forced to donate to priority one. Only if you do not have the items for that you see other options.
    Another possibility to see more priorites is when priority one finished with the items but the cash is still ongoing.

    Example: your empire priorities are:
    1 - Bunker (in1) shields - 1 billions cash and 1000 titanium beams
    2 - Bunker (in5) armor packs - 2 billions cash and 1500 Fabrics
    3 - Nuke - 5 billions cash and 500 weapons grade plutonium

    If you own 80 titanium beams, when you choose autodonate you will see only the 1st priority, because you can do the request (6 titanium beams - if donate with Victoria)
    If you own only 2 titanium beams and 57 fabrics, when you choose autodonate you will see Priority 1 with cash and the 2 Titanium Beams you own and Priority two with 4 Fabrics.

    Now, Dead Rabbits its a pretty old and big empire. Do you still have items to donate? Does your priorities still need items? Screenshots will help the devs identify a possible bug.
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    Re: Automatic Donations not Prioritizing

    I noticed a split of items behaviour with the new upgrade.


    We have only 33 Crown Jewels left at Philanthropist and zero cash left.

    We set Combat Training as priority 2 so that once the jewels were done for Philanthropist we could work on Combat Training....but it splits the Crown Jewels for some reason between both instead of all of them going to priority 1, cash to 2 and blood diamond to fortification 6.

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