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Thread: About Gaea (my opinion and observation)

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    About Gaea (my opinion and observation)

    A company(Gaea) is not successful because it is long established BUT a company is successful because there are people and players in it(apart of it) who live it, sleep it, dream it, eat it and do it !!!
    Great job Gaea keep up the good work.
    May you grow from strength to strength.
    Mobile Mob

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    Re: About Gaea (my opinion and observation)

    Well said Mobile Mob! My thoughts exactly  0795

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    Re: About Gaea (my opinion and observation)

    I think we are all seeing the new and fresh attitude on the developer side. I agree, why build a game if you are not going to play it. Fact is, unless they have 10's of thousands to put into the game, they are not going to be in the power empires. They just sit back and quietly enjoy the game and chat with the players on their team and others. I'm sure once in a while a nugget is accidentally realeased....many of us have scene wildfires when a rumor is out there. The 'upcoming MMB' being one of them.

    It's a good way to get input from other than forums where we are the very vocal few.

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