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Thread: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

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    Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Recruiting all classes levels 300+. Minis will be welcomed as well  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Can you dig it!

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting


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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Could use some Enforcers/Titans

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting


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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    ***Bump***  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    We are looking for smaller empires that are interested in merging with us. We are casual and understand work/social life comes first but are looking for players that can show up for at least 1-2 wars a day (it shows they are interested in boosting toon when possible). Here are some stat upgrades on empire:

    Headquarters lv5
    Building Health lv5
    Hardened Bunker lv6
    Armor Packs lv4
    Nuclear Silo lv5

    Anybody interested in merging or have a empire that actives need a home contact me either here or send a private message. We are interested in smaller empires looking for a more competitive eve scene. We sometimes fall into legend bracket but thats not who we are and are very grateful for the opportunity when it arrises  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    you still active? last 2 empires ive been in seems like im the only one who particapates in battles

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