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Thread: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

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    Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Recruiting all classes levels 300+. Minis will be welcomed as well  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Can you dig it!

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting


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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Could use some Enforcers/Titans

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting


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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    ***Bump***  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    We are looking for smaller empires that are interested in merging with us. We are casual and understand work/social life comes first but are looking for players that can show up for at least 1-2 wars a day (it shows they are interested in boosting toon when possible). Here are some stat upgrades on empire:

    Headquarters lv5
    Building Health lv5
    Hardened Bunker lv6
    Armor Packs lv4
    Nuclear Silo lv5

    Anybody interested in merging or have a empire that actives need a home contact me either here or send a private message. We are interested in smaller empires looking for a more competitive eve scene. We sometimes fall into legend bracket but thats not who we are and are very grateful for the opportunity when it arrises  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    you still active? last 2 empires ive been in seems like im the only one who particapates in battles

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    Hi Amybgamer! Yes we are still active. We just got back some affiliates from Norway so our early early morn wars have them there. The morning war and afternoon wars are our most active times. We always have a boss to work on. I'll whisper you my ally code if you are interested in joining  0795

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    Re: Gramercy Riffs recruiting

    We have had a huge surge of players from overseas lately. Most of them levels 1000-1300 with strong minis. We placed Legend last season and look forward to placing there again. What we need are some dedicated Titans and Enforcers. Not high level LSI toons that just started a tank but players that have played tank since low level...people that actually enjoy defending buildings. I know its a rare breed and would be honored with any inquiries. We have 5 spots open and want to fill them with Titans and Enforcers. We are averaging 25-30 actives per war lately  0795

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