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Thread: 2 hour wars

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    2 hour wars

    Did I mention I hate 2 hour wars? 15 minutes of frenzied looking, hitting, then.........waiting........and waiting. Even with 3 minutes tokes. By the 3rd war of the day, I'm burned out. Usually don't even get in. I'd rather watch Tosh 2.0 reruns

    I'd like a 1 hour war, start with twice the tokes, cut toke regen in half, cut health pack time in half. Fast, frenzied, ACTIVE war. Ok, so The bigs would win in 2 1/2 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

    C'mon, DO IT! You know it's a good idea!!!!!

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    Re: 2 hour wars

    They should look at the 2 most inactive wars on average and shorten them.

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    Re: 2 hour wars

    two hour wars dont bother me, I never sit there for two hours anyways staring at the screen, I usually just go one with my daily routine and just check back every now and then, depending on the activity of the other empire, what I think would be cool though is a feature that would make a noise on your device to say your attention is needed urgently if your building suddenly is under fire.

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