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Thread: **** is killing your empire members......

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    One major positive I "like" is eliminating the advantage empireless farmers have. It's caused some drama in the past when our stronger members weren't able to reason/beat on a farmer who was relentless on junior members.

    But other than that, I was actually able to trigger the message after only 3 stamina spent (1 hit on 3 different players during our love tap friday activity)

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    This has been great for our empire. We have an easy link back to destroy the player hitting a mate. For the PVP teams like FA this has to be like all the major holidays at once.

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    Oh yeah! Thanks for the links! Just when I was ready to retire from PvP. You bring me back in.
    When I see those toons hitting 2k down. I get to spend all my stam in 1 place.
    Thanks for making Reverse farming extremely easy

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    Get rid of it or at least suspend it during battle. When battle calls are getting rolled out of chat bc of someone getting killed in my empire, you're messing with my game play. If you're battling in top 10 legend battles, the last thing needed is pvp spam screwing up the call.

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    Not against it, but yes changing the 100 stam is very low. On one target it is not farming. To do daily of killing 10 toons for same br or higher for daily, I don't want to have my empire farmed back if I kill one toon from battle list. Now if multiple toons are hit then showing it in chat is ok.
    Chat starts being very busy busy now, chat, donation, pvp.

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    I think 100 hits is too low because sometimes it takes more than that to kill one guy. The way it should be setup is if someone hits someone else via any other link besides the batttle list they show up on the feed. You shouldnt have to watch what empires you have hit or not hit over 100 times while trying to do dailies. It also shouldnt activate if you are hitting back someone who bounced or attacked you or hitting through the link where they were shown to be hitting your teammates. That way you can still hit off the battlelist unmolested, still hit back people who hit you and still help if people are farming your teammates.

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    The idea is great, the pull mechanic is too easily abused though. Promote pvp without promoting farming is what I'm 'assuming' was intended

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    Absolutely should be removed from empire chat. I hate this feature.

    If refined as a tool for PvPers, the trigger should be killing 3 members within 24 hours (including the same person 3x, perhaps with a different message). The notification should not spam empire chat but be something you can view under the PvP screen.

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    Re: **** is killing your empire members......

    when i see that message appearing in empire chat I just assume someone is empire shopping looking for easy kills and bp, I love this feature, I only ever see that message appear a few times a day so it appearing in empire chat I dont see what the issue is, I love robbing them as some of them have probably just robbed a few of my team mates anyways.

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