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Thread: shockwave// Recruiting

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    shockwave// Recruiting

    Hey guys!

    2 weeks old empire growing fast and looking for active eve players.
    Upgrades are lining up and ready for builds.

    We are battling mostly in Plat league atm. and are in need of some solid defenders that want to soak up tkns. But all lvl/classes are welcome.

    38 members now, 20-30 actives most wars.
    RL first, we appreciate any tkns/donations/help. We call targets when needed, but keep it relaxed and fun. Come check us out and maybe u will enjoy our empire and become a part of it!

    Dedicated leaders helping out new players and making sure the empire will keep growing.

    Add my mini for empirelink: DB8D5F(madchild_reaper ~ lvl 753)


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    Re: shockwave// Recruiting

    Good Luck!

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    Re: shockwave// Recruiting

    Ty! We are off to a good start

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    Re: shockwave// Recruiting

    Best of luck Shockwave!!!!

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    Re: shockwave// Recruiting

    Bump* building hosp lvl 2 atm, working on lvl 3 hq and lvl 3 armory👊 20/41 actives last war and it ended after 1 hour. Check us out🍻
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    Re: shockwave// Recruiting

    Bump 👆👆

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