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Thread: Boss heist jewelry chasing sucks.

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    Boss heist jewelry chasing sucks.

    I spent over $100 on Stam refills for this event ( which I usually never do) and my end result is a gem. A specific gen that a lt I don't have (because I didn't spend money on a different event) "Siri". I feel this lt should be available through at least a crate roll. I feel I wasted a lot of time and money on this event for almost no gain. I've been in the fence for this game for a bit now, this new event is just pushing me over a bit more.

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    Re: Boss heist jewelry chasing sucks.

    Yup I agree. If it's going to cost $100 to get the "best" rewards then the rewards better be good. The final boss should have dropped SO MUCH good stuff and she didn't. I wasn't expecting to get only 6 rare shards and 3 epics shards for spending such a completely insane amount on killing her. If I had spent all those uncapped refills ($50-60 worth) on regular bosses I would have certainly completed at least a Steel Kraken and a Ghostride and gotten loads of chem packs and class coins. Instead I got a COMPLETELY USELESS gem and had no way of knowing it was gonna be useless because we don't even get to see the rewards until we've already killed the boss and collected.

    This event sucked. And it also frustrates me that the devs were so quick to hotfix the glitch that allowed players to quickly kill the final boss using 2 refills.They fixed it within 1 hour. But when they screwed up the servers awhile ago it took them 8 days to finally compensate the players with something. And hell, one guy spent 300+ FP and lost all his boss contribution points and his "compensation" was.. drumroll... 2 STAMINA REFILLS ???? Is this a joke? He lost 300 FP and they gave him like 20-25??? I hope this guy tried to charge back every purchase he ever made. I am just telling it as it is.

    They are so quick to fix anything that gives any sort of advantage to players, but so hesitant to give anything to the players who got screwed over by poor coding/servers. Tbh I'm pretty close to quitting. It's the worst feeling to know the developers we loyally support don't appreciate us spending. To them we are not treated as people. Only a source of income. They haven't listened to any of our feedback on the heists. The majority of us obviously don't think the prices for the rewards we're getting is fair and they're not increasing the rewards or decreasing the costs. It's the other way around.

    The pvp heist and the boss heist were utter trash and a complete cash grab. The heists are getting worse and not better. We have had a total of ONE "free" heist and the rewards were 10 rare shards and 0 epic shards. 4 of these heists have been absolutely expensive to complete and the FP to value ratio is worse than rolling crates or doing dice jobs.
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