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Thread: Small world :)

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    Small world :)

    After 1 year play UWE , I am quite active in the forum recently.
    I found lot of useful information and it is so cool to meet some of you in EVE ,

    I met DL-Joker ( my idol ) last week in EVE and today I met AprilWine ( like right now !!! and we cant go through 5 because of her <- her I assume ? )

    Look forward to meet more of you in near future !

    Kosau !
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    Re: Small world :)

    My forum account username is different from my UWE name

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    Re: Small world :)

    if so remember to say hi if you see kosau @ Darklight on the other side

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    Re: Small world :)

    Quote Originally Posted by kosau View Post
    if so remember to say hi if you see kosau @ Darklight on the other side
    Nice! I'll keep an eye out. I'm in ZeroGravity if anyone wants to say hi.

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    Re: Small world :)

    Hey Kosau! You guys beat us pretty good the other day...good empire! My name derives from the 70s rock band April Wine. Yeah, its a band I grew up with and have tons of great memories linked to thier songs.  0795

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    Re: Small world :)

    Hi Cthulu, we just fought your empire but couldn't see you there, not under that name anyways.

    Oh wait they were called zero tolerance no wonder they were confused.
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    Re: Small world :)

    it's small world after all

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