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Thread: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

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    Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    So - long time lurker becoming more active thanks to new devs.

    Question for you all - what are the top causes of drama in your empire? And how do you deal with them? Esp if you're in legend - wanna know if you guys deal with the same stuff!


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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    Diamond/Platinum Empire -
    Cause - We got some new players in the empire and he used to launch Nuke without asking anyone, created lot of trouble and sometimes lost few wars.
    Action - warned several times and finally removed him. he joined back and never launched nuke again.

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    Drama - none
    Cause - members think before they speak, have mutual respect for each other. Follow calls during war. Remember that this is a game, after all.

    Currently sitting at rank 68 Legend, with only 2 level 1k toons (1000 and 1200).

    Respect, teamwork and activity go a long way in this game.

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    Haven't had drama in a while but whenever there is some it usually ends bad with half of the empire leaving.

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    How about bad behaviour? Not following calls, stealing packs, etc. There's always one and I tend to warn them and then hotwire them. Harsh, maybe, but it does work!

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    Not following calls is one thing, at least they are in the war and doing some sort of damage. Don't get me wrong, it pisses me off when I watch war log, and see somebody join as a sniper and start hitting the 15k shielded warehouse. I have gotten over getting mad about that though.

    Stealing packs is another thing though. I am not an empire leader, but if I had a member who kept doing that, they would get 1 warning, then the boot.

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    I think a lot of drama comes from people just being in the wrong type of empire. Wether it be being in a empire that isn't active enough for you or too strong for you. If you're looking for a more laid back empire that's not asking you to drop all your tokens taking defeats on a defender than you probably shouldn't be in legend or high ranked diamond empire. If you get frustrated because you're having to constantly carry your empire because a lack of actives and stronger toons than you probably need to find a higher ranked empire. I figure with so many empires out there you can definitely find one that fits your style of play. If drama is brewing it's probably because of a bad fit between people and expectations on how a empire should be. I reccomend not getting to overly concerned about it and just play happy

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    Rogue Hitters: Warn the entire empire to stay on target. Best if caught right away. Dont single someone out whether its a veteran or a newcommer. The warning in empire chat speaks volumes and most veterans use war logs and know exactly who the culprit is. Main reason for this is to hopefully get them on the right track. The simple fact they are active during wars is a good step in the right direction and most likely needs a little guidance

    Early Nuke Launchers: If you are having a issue with a player launching the nuke early I advise to assign that to a trusted officer and have a talk immediately with the person launching early. This is no joke and can cause a loss in a close war. Again, talk to the person direct and let them know you have people already assigned to the task.

    Stealing Packs: This is a tricky one but if you have a solid rule of using health and armor packs for defenders only talking directly to that person usually alleviates players from using them knowing why they are being used. The empire leader needs to make this known to all and its his/her responsiblilty. I personally do not allow players to use a HP or AP due to return-fire. If asked in empire chat or Line I almost always say OK but if its a close war I've been known to say NO.

    Most of what is talked about here pertains to new recruits. I have a FB page and pinned to the top is our War Compendium that I ask all new members to check out. This has worked wonders and its when everybody is on the same page that magic happens

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    when I first started playing in 2013 and a newbie my first empire I ever joined I didn't join a single war but helped with donations and empire bosses, several months down the line I thought I'd try empire wars out and wasn't sure at first how to go about it, the empire I was in we was lucky if maybe 5-10 showed up so we had all the packs to ourselves so we took what we needed as we were the only attackers, fast forward a few months down the line playing like this, our little empire merges with a larger empire and we all move over, as I didn't know any better at the time I attacked what I could and healed to do what I can to which I started getting pms saying you cant do that and you have to ask to heal and I have to suicide on the defenders as I'm low level and a newbie which I didn't like the tone of the pms. I left that particular empire an joined another which I stayed in for several years but the thing is I learnt what is expected of a player and to follow by experience and maybe newer people dont know the etiquette of this game and what is expected so you get a little drama, maybe this needs communicating to newer players of what is expected of them when they join so there is no mistake.

    We recently booted a guy cause he kept not following calls even after politely telling him many times not to launch the nuke and he just kept doing his own thing, wasting packs and armoring up when not needed, if they cause drama after so many times of speaking to them privately, boot em I say.

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    Re: Drama - causes of and dealing with it

    What are the causes of drama? Lack of or Miscommunication
    How do you deal with it? Tell the people joining your empire what is expected of them ask before using packs ask before launching nuke Follow calls get them to agree to the terms if they dont screen shot it post it in line ask them why they are doing it if they dont have a reason warn them if they continue to do it remove them from the empire

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