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Entering bosses shuts down UE
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Thread: Entering bosses shuts down UE

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    Entering bosses shuts down UE

    As of 5 minutes ago, every time I try to enter any of my active bosses on iPhone, it starts loading the fight, freezes, then closes out of UE.
    Tried it on all 3 toons I have on my iphone, and same issue for all.
    Iphone 4S..
    Any suggestions, or anybody experiencing the same issue?

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    Re: Entering bosses shuts down UE

    I would try force-closing the app, if no luck then restart your phone, if still not working try deleting and reinstalling the game. If still issues, submit a help ticket to support (back on Monday) and try to get more assistance.

    Other folks on the forums may have more advice too...

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    Re: Entering bosses shuts down UE

    On my side, if i join "old style" boss fight and not hit for some reasons - forget about him, missed favorite subboss etc, then when i trying to collect to remove him from "my bosses" list, on android game freezing till restart, on ios 8.x.x game immidiately closing. Something wrong with message "you don't contribute enough points to get reward". It changed in fps bosses after last update and in old bosses game freezing/closing.
    Same when i asked empire mates to check.

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    Re: Entering bosses shuts down UE

    I had a few empire pals with the same issue as I just had. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it's good now.
    Thanks Cthulu

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    Re: Entering bosses shuts down UE

    Thank you C. Maybe it was some bugs in 3.30 and fixed in 3.31.

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