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Thread: Titan exp

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    Titan exp

    Hey, i unlocked titan and did my first eve. And i only collect 6 class exp... 6... with enforcer i get 7 lol. I did 3420 battle points and was a lose. Is bugged?
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    Re: Titan exp

    No, it is not. Keep grinding.

    I don't remember the actual thread, but lvl 1 and 2 are very low in experience gained. Afterwards it gets waaaaay better (it reaches 400-600 on lvl 8, from personal experience).
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    Re: Titan exp

    level 1 is a bit of a grind, but 2 onwards I found a lot better.

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    Re: Titan exp

    To add, 1 sucks, 2 you'll be getting 25 or so per war, and keeps getting more and more from there

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    Re: Titan exp

    As you go higher in class lvls your xp gain increases for second tier classes. You can easily get xp in hundreds per war for second tier classes as you go higher in class rank.

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    Re: Titan exp

    with high level titan more xp you get.... happy grinding

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