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Thread: Thanks Devs🍻

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    Thanks Devs🍻

    Thanks for the free gift it's a pleasant surprise.

    UWE_Duke: You are welcome, but not really a surprise. This was meant to compensate the downtime and boss point missing issue. If you didn't experience the issue, well, surprise!!
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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻


    Is it in anticipation of something?

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    First post!!
    (long time lurker / player...finally registered).

    Jumping on the 'thanks devs' train 👍🏻

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    Yes awesome! Free gift surprises are best!

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    Free gifts, happy st. Pats day

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    Thanks for the gift
    Add Me

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    I know we whine a lot, but thanks greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    Not impressed .... 50 refills burned for nothing and my compensation is 2?? Obviously the ppl who didn't spend any money on bosses when this happened are enjoying the 2 free refills and happy about it but what about those of us who did ? Is this some ironic way of teaching us not to buy fp ? or some socialist experiment to take money away from the spenders and distribute it amongst those who don't spend ?

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    Re: Thanks Devs🍻

    Thank you for the free gifts(compensation).
    I am going to use the uncapped stamina refill on Boss heist to fight Boris.
    With the passports I can finally join a Legend boss for the first time after 1 year of playing UE.

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