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Does burried alive work in eve
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Thread: Does burried alive work in eve

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    Does burried alive work in eve

    I can get it to proc in pvp but not in eve is there something wrong or is it my bad luck?

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    Re: Does burried alive work in eve

    yes i use it and i does proc

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    Re: Does burried alive work in eve

    Yes buried alive work in EVE but the reward/drop % is extremely low.
    I contacted support about the low reward/drop rate % and they say it is working like it should.
    IMHO I think it is too low they should make ALL executions 30-35%.
    But then again I am no expert!
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    Re: Does burried alive work in eve

    You need to use it in PvP to get your percentage 100%. Then use it in EvE. Personally I use Feed the Fishes in EvE for the drops. The percentage will be hit or miss, though buried alive seems to have the lowest proc rate. I did use for a few weeks but didn't see much benefit.

    They need an UC LT that buffs the chance of the execution proc'ing. They have the common that boosts chance to actually ex a player. She actually seems to cut down on die hard working (I have her 5* and in my cap load out.)

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    Re: Does burried alive work in eve

    You can increase your success % in EvE as well as in PvP. If the war is tight of course only use your 100% x's, but if your empire is heading for an easy win you should x using any executions not at 100% to get them up. Added advantage of grinding more cc's out if you're not finishing the war early

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