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Player 'assist' in empire war ?
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Thread: Player 'assist' in empire war ?

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    Player 'assist' in empire war ?

    When looking at any of the players participating in the war, there is an 'ASSIST' button. When I select it, it does not have any effect as far as I can tell. What does it do?

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    Re: Player 'assist' in empire war ?

    AFAIK, the assist button was originally made in Original developer (Phoenix Age) previous game, castle age. What it does - i dunno. (I could be wrong in this one, i heard it from other players back then).

    The only skills related to assist as of today was only stim and riot shield. So in other world that button really have no use. If anyone knows better on the matters feel free to correct me.

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    Re: Player 'assist' in empire war ?

    The only class I ever used to ASSIST someone was an Enforcer. You can Stim Pack and you can also Last stand, though Last stand isn't even an assist really......

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    Re: Player 'assist' in empire war ?

    Titan using Riot Shield and Ghost using Adrenaline Rush on self as well

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