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New umpire upgrade please
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Thread: New umpire upgrade please

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    New umpire upgrade please

    We people have a lot of crown jewels, concrete block ,steel beams ,blood diamond,weapon grade plutonium and spy drones stacked as the upgrades needing them are maxed and because of slow drop rate of titanium beams and composite fabric we are not able to donate items to empire .(We have even maxed shadow broker a long ago ,still drop rate of titanium beams and composite fabrics are poor in compared to others )

    I feel many more empire are facing similar problem ,so please release new empire upgrades where these steel beams,building block ,crown jewels,blood diamond ,wepaon grade plutonium and spy drones can be used.
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    Re: New umpire upgrade please

    Take a look at your Tech Lab. You can use those many Blood Diamonds to build Titanium Beams and Composite Fabrics. Yes you'll need other items as well, but those drop fairly easily.



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