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Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam
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Thread: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

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    Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Heist or gold star?

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Time limited job area means it's a heist. I thought the heist would have been a boss heist. Anyway really hoping this one is more fair than the first job heist.

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Last update claimed boss heist. Oh well.

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Hope its full of cahbdrops again

    i really need me some more cash hahaha

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Quote Originally Posted by Mobile Mob View Post
    NOW that I look back at Battle heist mini PVP event the job heist and Boss heist to come are the best.
    My 2 mini's can level up 3-4 times a day with a "free" full level refill and my main level 638 can only level up one's a week.
    I don't know why they have to "punish" the high level as well as high energy?
    If, big if my level 638 can level up 3 times a day there would be no problems. IMO.
    I don't know if I should save my FP refill for main event or spend on Amsterdam heist?
    I need the money from Amsterdam heist.
    Save your FP for the event. We can only hope that Gaea will let high levels/high energy builds finish this job heist without spending, just like the minis/low levels could. Or if we do need to spend, then it shouldn't be punishing to high energy builds. It's just absurd to give free completion to minis/new players, but punish high level accounts by forcing them to spend more $ based on having higher energy or a higher level. I'm level 1025 so it's quite hard for me to get "free" refill for leveling up, compared to a level 1-400.

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Makes sense that they released Fleur's brother now

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    Are we going to get a breakdown of where the prizes will be awarded like last time?

    I am guessing they decided to go back to job heist because the boss heist was going to be RNG based, like PvP and they didn't want that debacle all over (someone completing heist in 10 refills and someone spending 30 and getting nothing.)

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    Re: Time Limited Job Area - Amsterdam

    I'm glad I will at least know that I'll be getting shards, instead of just wasting my time and stamina on hitting players with only a glimmer of hope of getting anything in return.

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