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Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)
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Thread: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

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    Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Dear UE Players,

    After some careful considerations (for months or years), we decided to allow stats transfer between Attack and Defense. This meant to help the players to experience different play styles in UE, as base attack and defense affect the player build to a very large extent.

    In the tech lab, now there is a category called "Stats Transfer (New)", where you can transfer your stats. It requires an item that does not exist in the game, and we will release that soon and let you know how to get it. For now, please be prepared and think about what you want to do.

    For players below level 500, they can see only one option, 10 stats from attack to defense or vice versa at cost of 1 Stats Converter.
    For players above level 500, one more option is unlocked, 100 stats can be transferred between attack and defense at cost of 1 Stats Converter plus 100 FPs.

    You can choose either way to transfer your stats, this will be totally your own decision.

    * The release detail of Stats Converter will be updated here when it's released.
    03/17/2017 - Saint Patrick's Day promo reward contains 5 converter.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Yeah baby!!!!!

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    what would happen if a player only has 1 def and purchased convert 100 def to ask?

    UWE_Duke: You can't do it. And complete % won't be 100%.
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Crank that $$$ machine, Gaea

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    At 100FPs for 100 stat points, not worth it at all.

    UWE_Duke: The other option is "free".
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Omg thank you so much!!! I think i speak for a lot of players when we all started we were unsure what we were doing so this will just help correct many many build mistakes!! I am all for this but there must be a cap. As in only move 300 from one to another. We cant have this unlimited providing you get a token.

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    Red face Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    finally,i can wash my points to hit em hard

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    How's 100fp for 100 SP balanced? for someone like me I would have to drop 2k $ to switch my stats.

    UWE_Duke: I won't use the word "balanced", it's rather "priced" like this. And for 14k stats you are having, I'm sure you have invested way more than 2k if you played the toon from the start.
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    So if someone wanted to transfer 5k points (because, let's be honest, you guys can claim this is a way for people to "try out different builds," but for anyone over a certain level, you need to switch thousands of points to actually change. 100 points here or there when people have thousands of points in attack and/or defense won't make any difference), it would cost them either:

    1) 500 Stat converters (I don't care if these are common boss drops, this is still way too many)
    2) 50 Stat converters and 5000 FPs, which is ~700 USD, using the largest FP purchase pricing (?!?!)

    I'm sorry, but is this a joke?

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    I don't understand some people, for years this is what they wanted to be able to change stats and finally there is something to be able to do it. I can see that it's a pain stakingly slow process either way free or paying.

    You would get people throwing all there stats between att/Def and vice Versa every other eve match. Suddenly hit a stone wall because someone's having a week away and changed all attack to defence.

    Way I see it, it's great they have brought this into the game finally. Even at the current costs. Things can get adjusted in the future. Things always get balanced about.

    Thank you Gaea for listening to ppl and doing this.

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    So attack<->defense only can't move health points?

    UWE_Duke: For now, no. We need better understanding about the consequence before adding health to the party. Now it's unclear to me.
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Interesting update, feel this is more to help people who added points to attack or defence accidentally rather then a lvl 1k ghost trying to swap all his attack to defence and be a titan

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    I like the idea. I have 600 defense points that I have spent. I would like to slowly convert them to attack. Please do not make it impossible to obtain the converters.

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    I like this but please don't make it hard for us to get the converters. I have more than 3k base stats I'd like to convert. Capping at 100 stat points per conversion would make it a hard grind eventually maybe I'll stop playing before I actually can convert them all, hard enough to play on android at least I see some light at the end of tunnel with this new feature to keep playing. Something for me to look forward to rather than spending unnecessarily on crates getting common after common

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    It's funny there's people complaining..

    The most logical purpose of the feature is for players that made split stats or added sp to a category before they understood how the stats were applied and how the game functioned. If you allowed players to move all their stats from one catagory to another all at once it would destroy the game, and personally I feel if you allowed people to add to health in this manner it would destroy it as well.

    I think it's about time a feature such as this was added to assist players that aren't happy with their current stats, and doing it in a fashion that won't allow a player to swap from attack to defense over night. Also, I believe the price is fair, most players have spent some amount of money on this game, and being the feature isn't implemented to completely swap your stats I don't believe the price is unfair, especially due to the fact all levels can move 10 sp for free. It's nice to see a feature implemented that allow you to fix something that you now look at as a mistake and thought to be permanent.

    I personally have 700 sp into attack, and have had it since I was roughly level 300. Being a full bsi defense build it's always bugged me, so the chance to fix this is appreciated.
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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    very nice.

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Not that i use Axell the event Lt, but after this we can fuse him away?

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    People should realize that for the first time since this game was created the devs are listening....answering questions.... Implementing suggestions and bringing new content. I for one appreciate it. I do think the pricing scheme is a bit steep for older toons. Something along the lines of 10sp move for free, 100sp move for 10 fp and 1ksp move for 100fp seems more reasonable. If the idea is to get people to "experience different play styles" then the cost to do so shouldnt be prohibitive. Especially because some people might want to go back again. I also think this will help even out some empires who may be too heavy in either attackers or defenders. Whether the pricing is tweaked or not i am happy with the addition and appreciate it.

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    Bad idea (No further elaboration needed. That's my opinion, Gaea is free to restructure the game as they deem fit since they own it), Cheers.

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    Re: Stats Transfer Feature (Attack <=> Defense)

    I want to state that I do appreciate making changes or listening to players.In past it seemed like talking to a wall.

    My thoughts on this idea is I agree Chelsea.
    So I am going to pay to move stats I worked hard for 3 plus years or anyone who worked hard for the stats.

    So I am going to charge alll of you double taxes on your paycheck. You working hard but I need some more money. 🤔

    I am still happy for the players who wanted this.
    That's why I hope it works out for everyone who wants this option.

    Thanks have fun all.
    Most important 👍

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