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Thread: Insignias and attack calculations

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    Insignias and attack calculations

    We all know the attack and defense formula (stat attack+ lt attack + item attack) etc but I can't find anything that mentions how Insignias work. If I put a D insignia in the underboss seat, are those defense numbers flipped into the ratio that turns into attack??and if so is it multiplied by 1.5?? So which would be better, all attack insignias in underboss seat or a mixture since your D insignias would be included in the flip to attack? (Don't forget to think about crit damage % and hits) What about insignias which included both A and D? I've looked through the forums and haven't had luck finding any answers .

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    Re: Insignias and attack calculations

    Upgraded insignias are set in stone they don't change unless you have axxel (maybe?) however seat bonuses work with them so if you have a D insignia with 39 defense placed in the underboss seat it would be multiplied by 1.5

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    Re: Insignias and attack calculations

    I imagine the .7 multiplier works converting attack to defense and vice versa. As a Titan I have a defensive set up with all defensive insignias on all seats except Assassin. I put split insignias with some attack on my UB and enforcer seats to get the extra bonuses. For my attack set up, I do the reverse and have all attack except captain.

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