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Thread: Viper/Overkill

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    Hey I couldn't find a definitive answer elsewhere so I figured I'd create a thread.... I know Overkill's ability cannot be cloned but can it be boosted by Viper's ability? And if so, would she boost her crit chance, her % to double dmg and continue OK chain, or both? Thanks in advance for any input 🍻

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    Re: Viper/Overkill

    Only the crit chance

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    Re: Viper/Overkill

    I thought Vipers skill was a form of clone, given she can't be seated with Vice/Envy, and since Overkill is a no clone Viper would make no difference.

    Of course if you have both you can test Baba's theory on the class screen - just make sure no other crit Lts/insigs are seated when you put vice in/out

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    Post Re: Viper/Overkill

    To strengthen Babju's reply, from the original post about Invasion Crate:


    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Renn View Post
    Overkill (No Affiliation): +X% Critical Chance. On crit, start Overkill: X% chance to double dmg & continue Overkill chain (up to 1000x damage, no clone)

    With Overkill, we wanted to do something special and unique for you guys! Overkill does exactly what she’s named after. Specifically if you Critical Hit, she could increase your Base Damage amount by double and when she does this, there is an opportunity for her to do it again, continuing to double, 9 more times (for a total of 10 times or 1000x damage).

    For example, let’s say your Base Damage on average is 100 and your Base Critical Damage is 50, with Overkill equipped she’ll add 200 for a total of 350. That comes out to 100 Base + 50 Critical + 200 Overkill Damage ( double your Base Damage). That is 350 total Damage on first hit. Following that example, a third hit within the chain would continue to double again at 100 Base + 50 Critical + 800 Overkill Damage (double your last amount) with 950 total Damage.

    Her chain doubles your damage amount with each hit. We really feel that this LT is fantastic for Critical Hit builds to deal massive damage. However, Overkill can significantly increase the damage for other builds as well.

    With such a special and unique power, we felt like Vice and Viper should not be able to modify her stats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances of getting her to proc - Vice and Viper can indirectly modify LT’s with critical chance to allow Overkill to proc more often.

    10/1/15 (Added) - Overkill, when she activates, will display within the War Log in EvE.
    10/5/15 (Added) - Fixed a bug where Overkill was always activating on crit.


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    Re: Viper/Overkill

    Never said anything about Lady Luck😉

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    Re: Viper/Overkill

    I dont think they do anything to overkills ability. The description says they can help her proc more by increasing the crit chances of other lieutenants. So basically they could increase say dragon lords ability which adds crit percentage which would make it more likely to crit, which allows overkill to activate.

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