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Thread: Crate Rolls

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    Crate Rolls

    I am sure this has been brought up a ton, but I have to say that crate rolls are straight up trash. I know it's a good way for easy cash flow and such, but man those odds are bullcrap.
    Including the 7 Valentines rolls I gifted myself, my last 12 rolls have gone as such:
    Common, common, common, common, common, common, common, common, common, common, common, and you probably guessed it - common.

    Onto my suggestion - instead of taking weeks to save up crate shards, so that you may roll common after common, what is the possibility of doing like is done with insignia prices, and make levels?
    Maybe 30 for a crate roll, 60 for uncommon for above, 90 rare and above and say, 200 for epic? That should follow suit of all the other astronomical goals represented in UE.

    Part suggestion, part vent. Don't see it going anywhere, as most don't, but there you have it.

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    Re: Crate Rolls

    I have to go agree that the chances of getting things are way to bad. I have spent over 100$ last month only to receive commons and 2 uncommons.
    I recieved Gman as a daily login bonus and he was much more worth than all the crap I got combined.
    The bang for your buck simply is just way too low. You shouldn't feel like an idiot after spending...
    Guess I can only spend money at events to make sure I actually get something

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    Re: Crate Rolls

    Yeah I have stopped putting any kind of FP into crates after the Valentines crap.
    I have pretty rudimentary math skills, but even I can figure out that 12 commons for 12 rolls is a bit more than the 55% that is displayed.

    I am burning through the secret jobs now and have yet to receive anything worth while.
    However, I did get a Layla from daily login this morning

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    Re: Crate Rolls

    The most important thing in this game if you're planning to spend -IMO was to avoid a buyer remorse.
    It tooks all the fun in this game.

    Plan your spending, use only your disposable income - to avoid any guilt or disappointment after hitting that bad luck streak (especially on those little #%*+^#% crates..)
    There was no certainty on fixed chance from crates (tbh i dunno how they decide if on some rolls i rolled that 5% and 55% in same time) - but others have already shared their experience in forums (usually in "i hate this section" lol)

    Some had worse luck than you, some even made you jelly to the point that you want to slam your phone. But yes, such as the nature of gamble.

    Just hold off if you're feeling you're on losing streak and resume when you're feeling luckier. Me? Im retired from that cursed little rolls.

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    Re: Crate Rolls

    After I finish Secret Jobs, I shall forever retire from those cursed crates (aside from the one at the end of the rainbow when I piece together shards).

    Luckily I can say I've managed my way through this game on 5 measly USD between 5 toons

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    Re: Crate Rolls

    I really can't enough express my disgust for the crates. 200+ rolls on Invasion crate and I have never, ever gotten a single copy of Alpha, an LT I desperately need as a level 1025 Ghost. A rare LT, not even an epic. I don't think I'll ever have a copy of him unless he gets offered as an event reward.

    Never spend on crate rolls. If you want LTs just farm Westside. At least you won't get 20 Lotus in a row. If you want a guaranteed rare or epic crate roll you'll have to earn it through spending on heists and events. Though I recommend only spending on events. They'll never make rare/epic crates buyable with FP or easy to obtain.
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    Re: Crate Rolls

    Yup I am event only guy, and normally I don't spend on those either as I'm still pretty new to UE (Almost to the 1 year mark

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